Iqra University happens to be Ranked No.1 Private Sector University in Pakistan. Given its amazing ever supportive management, state-of-the-art campus infrastructure, and excellent supervisions, it happens to be the home of IUMUN. The birth of IUMUN Society took place at Iqra University, when a bunch of interactive students took the initiative to start up an MUN Society at IU. Today, IUMUN happens to have the most vast annual society recruitments, which happen across all campuses in Karachi. Iqra University, is known for bring out the best in its students, by helping them participate in a large variety of extracurricular activities available at the university. Given the unending support of the university, today IUMUN has become a renowned name around Pakistan.

Our Legacy

IUMUN INTRA VII provides students with a platform to transform themselves into the people they idolize. We believe in inspiring, motivating and grooming the students of Iqra University, who have adequate potential to tackle the challenges put forward by the corporate world. Our motive is to induce personalities and bring in a drastic change in students. Our legacy is to produce more effective and efficient graduates having a groomed professional personality. IUMUN INTRA VII educates the students of Iqra to surpass the levels of excellence in knowledge, communication, writing and every other field of academics. So that these exceptional people may become the torch bearers who people look up to and admire to be like them. We ensure that our students feel proud of themselves.

What is Model United Nations

Model united nations, also known as Model UN, Mock UN or MUN aims to be an authentic simulation of the United Nations which is primarily composed with basic committees such as Security council, General Assembly, ECOSOC as well as a wide range of other sub-committees, a secretariat headed by the Secretary General, a Press Corp and of course the delegates.

Why IUMUN'17

To simulate an overall MUN experience is much more than just organizing the conference, there is research and preparation required beforehand. One has to go with the adoption of views and attitudes other than their own, delegates have the opportunity to mix and mingle in the diverse MUN-ing crowd, making new acquaintances and socialize at friendly terms with new people.

Applications for Team Members are now open.

Last Date: Friday, 19th May 2017